About School of Makeup Artistry

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Makeup artists are in demand, finding occupations in department stores, film sets, TV sets, cosmetic companies, and beauty salons. A makeup artist can also find work at dermatology offices, spas, and for special events such as weddings. But before they can apply for a job, every makeup artist needs the right training.

Becoming a Makeup Artist

Whether you have always loved makeup artistry or you’re changing careers, training to become a makeup artist is available at a wide variety of intuitions. From beauty and cosmetology schools for makeup artists to state universities, it seems that nearly every institution is offering some kind of makeup program or degree.  Aspiring makeup artists can also take workshops and seminars at major makeup studios. But if you want a successful makeup career, it’s important to get the right education. Here’s a look at schools of makeup artistry.

The Lowdown on School of Makeup Artistry

More than a makeup academy, a makeup artistry school provides students with valuable makeup programs, including courses in production, fashion, and special makeup FX. Skills and techniques are taught in the classroom as well as in the studio, which means students get the opportunity to apply the makeup techniques they learned in the classroom setting. Students also get to choose specialty fields. With specialty programs focused on fashion or production, a school of makeup artistry provides students with not only a well-rounded education in makeup, but also advanced training in the area of their choice. Advanced training goes a long way, especially if you live in a state that requires accredited course work to work in film or stage makeup.

More than Makeup Training

A successful career in makeup takes more than an education. Students also need to know how to make it in the real world. The first step is to show your best work to potential clients. In other words, they need a fantastic portfolio. But not everyone knows how to build a winning portfolio. That’s where the right school of makeup artistry comes into the picture. In addition to training in various techniques and methodologies of makeup application, a school of makeup artistry provides students with the skills to create a great portfolio.

Landing that Dream Job

Many people enter the world of makeup artistry because they love the profession. But passion is not enough to get that dream job. Students also need to know how to create a resume, network properly, and what to say or not to say during an interview. The right school of makeup artistry will help students acquire the skills they need to create and maintain business relationships with the right people.

About School of Makeup Artistry