How to Properly Fill Eyebrows

Creating perfectly shaped eyebrows requires more than just tweezing. In fact, many people need to fill the brows for a flawless finish. You might need to fill your brows if you have gaps in the eyebrows, light eyebrows, or eyebrows that are out of shape. Your eyebrow specialist can use either a pencil or powder to achieve the look you want. Can’t squeeze in a salon visit? Not a problem. You can still have perfect eyebrows with these tricks from our school for makeup artistry – Cosmix Inc.

Select the right color. Choosing the right color for filling for your eyebrows will make or break the final look. A good rule of thumb is to select a color that matches the color of your eyebrows. Whether you attend production, fashion, or special FX makeup school at Cosmix Inc., you will also learn how to create eyebrows for photo shoots. In this case, choose a slightly darker color than your natural color. A darker color will ensure that your light eyebrows don’t look washed out in the photograph.

Go for powder. Power is a great way to create natural-looking eyebrows. While you might want to use powder to fill in the gaps, it’s important to use it throughout your eyebrows for an even look. Use only a small amount of powder at a time to keep it light and natural. Start at the inner brow and touch up the entire brow.

Say yes to a pencil. Use an eyebrow pencil to achieve the look of a sharp line or a single hair. For perfect lines, sharpen the pencil and sanitize it first. Then begin at the base of the brows and create short strokes to fill in the gaps or create the arch you want.

About School of Makeup Artistry

Makeup artists are in demand, finding occupations in department stores, film sets, TV sets, cosmetic companies, and beauty salons. A makeup artist can also find work at dermatology offices, spas, and for special events such as weddings. But before they can apply for a job, every makeup artist needs the right training.

Becoming a Makeup Artist

Whether you have always loved makeup artistry or you’re changing careers, training to become a makeup artist is available at a wide variety of intuitions. From beauty and cosmetology schools for makeup artists to state universities, it seems that nearly every institution is offering some kind of makeup program or degree.  Aspiring makeup artists can also take workshops and seminars at major makeup studios. But if you want a successful makeup career, it’s important to get the right education. Here’s a look at schools of makeup artistry.

The Lowdown on School of Makeup Artistry

More than a makeup academy, a makeup artistry school provides students with valuable makeup programs, including courses in production, fashion, and special makeup FX. Skills and techniques are taught in the classroom as well as in the studio, which means students get the opportunity to apply the makeup techniques they learned in the classroom setting. Students also get to choose specialty fields. With specialty programs focused on fashion or production, a school of makeup artistry provides students with not only a well-rounded education in makeup, but also advanced training in the area of their choice. Advanced training goes a long way, especially if you live in a state that requires accredited course work to work in film or stage makeup.

More than Makeup Training

A successful career in makeup takes more than an education. Students also need to know how to make it in the real world. The first step is to show your best work to potential clients. In other words, they need a fantastic portfolio. But not everyone knows how to build a winning portfolio. That’s where the right school of makeup artistry comes into the picture. In addition to training in various techniques and methodologies of makeup application, a school of makeup artistry provides students with the skills to create a great portfolio.

Landing that Dream Job

Many people enter the world of makeup artistry because they love the profession. But passion is not enough to get that dream job. Students also need to know how to create a resume, network properly, and what to say or not to say during an interview. The right school of makeup artistry will help students acquire the skills they need to create and maintain business relationships with the right people.

Three Facts You Never Knew about Successful Makeup Artists

You see them at department stores, behind fashion shows, and at the side of today’s most popular celebrities, but do you know what it takes to become a successful makeup technician? If you’ve only recently wanted to know more about this exciting profession, there’s most likely a few things about successful makeup artists you don’t know yet. Read on for three facts about today’s most sought after makeup artists.

Makeup artists take care of their mind and body. At least successful ones do. The job of a makeup technician – whether they work in fashion, beauty, or entertainment – is extremely demanding. Unlike a typical nine to five, it requires long hours without scheduled breaks or lunch times. But a successful makeup artist prepares for a demanding day by eating a nutritious diet. A healthy diet helps to maintain a healthy weight and receive the energy required to tackle the workday no matter how long.

Makeup technicians have a positive attitude. Even if they’ve attended one of the top make up artistry schools in the nation, a makeup technician will not succeed in the industry without a good attitude. Successful professionals in the field have learned that people enjoy being around, and working with, people who are happy, positive, and easy to work with.

Technicians are passionate about what they do. Whether they have attended special fx makeup school or do makeup for weddings, a successful makeup artist loves what they do. Passion is important in the industry because without a love for the trade, a makeup artist will not produce their greatest work.

Tips on Excelling as a Fashion Makeup Artist

Learn which skills will set you apart from other makeup artists in the fashion industry.

Are you a makeup artist who works in the fashion industry? The fashion industry offers a variety of jobs for makeup artists, from print work such as advertising, catalogs and editorial to live fashion shows. While there are many jobs to choose from, the fashion industry is still very competitive.

Whether you do editorial print work, fashion shows, or both, the fashion industry is a cutthroat field for makeup artists. Since most artists work on a freelance basis, it’s imperative to learn how to stand out in a sea of many professionals with the same skillset. This is why many technicians attend make up artistry schools to learn more than merely how to apply makeup for fashion. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips on how to excel as a makeup artist in the fashion industry.

Master Set Etiquette

Every type of job comes with its own set of rules, and being on set as a fashion makeup artist is no different. While most fashion makeup artists know how to work on set, only a few have truly mastered the dos and don’ts of this unique office setting.

To set yourself apart from the competition, learn and master everything about working on set, from how to introduce yourself to photographers, clients, models, and other team members to where to setup your makeup station. Other important topics include etiquette with the model, the right way to touch-up makeup, and how to stay out of the photographer’s way.

Learn Lighting

Even though you’re not the photographer, your job as a makeup artist in fashion relies heavily on lighting. The makeup you apply depends on the type of lighting that is used. Makeup artists must master how to apply makeup according to the type of lighting used by the photographer, but they must also know the technical terms associated with lighting.

Understanding the basics of lighting will ensure that you do your job right and that you can discuss the project with the photographer without asking him to define his terms. Learn the definitions of key light, back light, and fill light. Learn the difference between daylight, evening light, and sunset light. You can take a class at a leading special FX makeup school on lighting.

Get an Agent

In addition to mastering set etiquette and learning lighting, you can excel as a makeup artist when you have the right agency on your side. As a freelance artist, consider hiring an agent to get work on your behalf. The right agent can help market your skills and even provide you with tips on how to set yourself apart from the competition. Most agents get a cut of 20 to 50 percent, but they are responsible for getting you work, negotiating rates, and even setting up appointments.

Valuable Skills for Special Effects Makeup Artists

Special effects makeup is a very specialized but popular field for makeup artists. Special FX makeup artists have the chance to help create creatures and designs that are seen by millions of people in film and television production. For anyone who made detailed drawing of fantastical creatures as a kid, becoming a special effects makeup artist is a dream come true.

The best way to become a special effects makeup artist is to get makeup training in a program specifically designed for this career path. Attending a special effects makeup school gives students the skills they need to excel in the industry as well as the credibility and portfolio to get their first job.

Here are some of the valuable skills that students learn in special effects makeup schools:

Basic Makeup Techniques: You need to crawl before you can walk, and it’s important for any special effects makeup artist to have a firm grasp of the basics of makeup before moving on to more specialized training. Along with giving students a firm base of knowledge, this can also provide students with skills if they need to take on freelance gigs doing regular makeup.

Prosthetic Makeup: Applying prosthetics is a hallmark of practical special effects. This can be as complex as transforming an actor into a vampire or other monster, or as simple as doing some aging or giving an actor a larger nose.

Creature Creation: The final step in a student’s progress is to design, construct and finalize an entirely new creature look that would be appropriate for film and television productions. Doing this proves that students have the skills needed to work in the industry and give them a great piece for their portfolio.

Makeup Artistry Training for Film and TV

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Makeup artists have the choice to work in a variety of industries, ranging from fashion and beauty to bridal makeup. Other industries that rely heavily on makeup artists are the film and TV industries. If you want to become a makeup artist for film and TV, you will need special makeup training in these fields. Here’s a look at the makeup training courses for film and TV offered through Cosmix Inc.

Production Makeup Artistry

The Production Makeup Artistry program at Cosmix Inc. is geared toward students who want a well-rounded education every media, and film and TV is included. The program offers an introductory course in film and TV, which covers the basic techniques you will need to know to get a job in television or film.

Makeup for Film and TV

If you want to specialize in makeup for film and TV, we recommend taking the individual course called Makeup for Film and TV. This course, available at one of the leading schools for makeup artistry in the nation, is designed to provide in-depth training of the techniques for theater, film, and television, and includes character design, trauma injuries, avant-garde makeup, and applying prosthetic appliances.

Tips on Becoming a Makeup Artist for TV

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Do you want to work as a makeup artist for television? Great news! The TV industry offers great career opportunities for makeup artists. With the right education, skills, and connections, you can land your dream job in TV. Of course you will also have to work hard. Whether you’re new to makeup artistry or have been working as a professional in a different field, follow these tips on how to become a successful makeup artist for TV.

Choose the right school. While there are many schools for makeup artistry, not all of them look good on your resume. Instead of getting you education at just any beauty school, consider a licensed and accredited school of makeup artistry. It’s also important to make sure the instructors are working professionals in the TV industry.

Enroll in the right program. In addition to a well-rounded education in makeup artistry, the right program will provide special training for artists who want to work in TV or Film. Find a program that teaches advanced training for film and TV, including injury simulation, bruises, character aging, and prosthetic appliances. You might even want to consider attending a special FX makeup school.

Participate in career development. Even if you have a great education from a leading school, you will still need to learn how to market yourself as a recent graduate. Find a school that offers employment assistance, portfolio classes, and ongoing career development. Continue taking courses in your field to stay abreast of the latest techniques.

How to Shine as a Makeup Artist for TV

Do you want to work as a makeup artist for television? Although it can be a fun and exciting career, becoming a professional makeup artist for TV programs is also very competitive. There are many men and women makeup artists who’re trying to make it in this field, which means you will need to learn how to set yourself apart from the rest. How? The professionals at Cosmix Inc., a leading makeup artistry school in Florida, offer the following tips on how to shine as a makeup artist for TV.

Master the Art of Airbrushing

Nearly every makeup artist who works in TV knows how to apply airbrush makeup. This is because airbrush makeup is probably the only type of makeup that stands up against high definition television. But what will set you apart from the competition is mastering this type of makeup technique. First, learn and master the basics. You can easily take a course at one of the top makeup artistry schools in your area. Then, practice until you feel completely confident in the skill. Mastering the art of airbrushing includes mastering how to use the tools as well as how to fix problems as they arise.

Be a Team Player

Creating a television show requires an entire team of professionals, from the director to the makeup artist. For this reason, a makeup artist in the TV industry must learn how to work well with others. Make sure that you’re easy going and able to work with a variety of personalities. It’s important to know how to communicate and get your work done fast without interfering with the rest of the team.

Benefits of using Airbrush Makeup for Film and TV

The film and TV industries have jumped on board with airbrush makeup. Why is this relatively new method of makeup so valued by makeup artists in film and TV? Sure, it creates a flawless complexion, but there are other reasons airbrush makeup is the go-to technique for film and TV. In this exciting blog post, Cosmix Inc. has provided the following reasons why airbrush makeup is so popular for TV and film shoots.

It stands up to high definition video and television. When high definition came out on the market, a single wrinkle would appear extremely enlarged. Unfortunately, conventional makeup doesn’t help the situation. It only makes it worse by settling into pores and wrinkles, making them appear even larger. However, airbrush makeup is no match for HD. It is applied in microdots, which read like pixels for high definition technology. It also reads as pixels for digital photography.

It endures long hours. A typical work day on a TV or film set can be anywhere from 12 to 18 hours or more. Traditional makeup doesn’t last that long, and must be constantly reapplied. However, airbrush makeup can last up to 18 hours or more.

It is flexible. Professional make up artist school teaches students to use different products depending on the age and skin type of the person. While traditional makeup must be changed and altered to accommodate each person, airbrush makeup looks wonderful on the young, the mature, and everyone in between. What’s more, airbrush makeup can be used on nearly every skin type.

African American Hairstyles for Women

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African American hairstyles for women will always be regarded as stylish and trendy. There are a few of the hair cuts that have obtained enormous popularity this season. Normally, folks are noticed seeking most of these hairstyles. Waves, braids plus updos etc are all among the prominent haircuts this season. African American women can produce a wonderful fashion sense by themselves and also this enhance the appears better yet. They understand how you can enjoy this hair cuts and designs having flamboyance.

Afro – It can be simply described as any length of hair that is in its natural state. Such as many other Black hairstyles it’s an simple, low repair style as it may be looked after with a pick or just using your finger.

Cropped haircuts – It is made by the short layers all over the head finger combed. It is bound together with pomade that also provides effects of moisture. This kind of African American hair do allows for selection as possible make layers look a proposal diverse every day.

Braids – It is particularly launched studying the wants plus needs of slender face cut women of all ages as this a single fits these people one of the most. It is chic and fashionable. This kind of hairstyle will be received by providing platted hair in some parts. Many forms of cut are micro and box braids. All three are equally excellent.

Dreadlocks – These hair style largely fits rounded facial area. Deadlocks could be established simply by not really combing the wild hair. This kind of hair do become popular from the emergence of reggae favorite songs. Curls of hair are intertwined in this. This hairdo, if carried out nicely can give you an super fashionable appear.

Bangs – Having bangs can adjust your look dramatically where there will vary cuts that will fit every encounter shape.

Bob Cuts– This kind of style can be played using to be both conservative or outrageous. Be ready to devote hrs while watching mirror making plenty of parameters on the appear which is truly modern-day.

Tight ponytails – This is better bills . African American hair styles for women. There are many methods through which you may make that up. Ponytails are easily manageable and appearance sweet too. It may be joined with various jewelry to make it elegant and appealing.

No Mascara Makeup Tips

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The considerable make up, stunning expressive eye or maybe curved eye lashes – each one of these the situation is great mascara achievement, apart from it wraps up make up. Yet we’ll attempt to do special significant makeup with out mascara applying? To begin with eye-lash fade within summer time, put through steady effects makeup getting rid of, mascara implementing, occasionally only need treatment . Next, you could have the seasonal allergic attack, watering along with other health care purpose to mascara being rejected.

Not enough mascara not a reason to execute a poor and also unattractive make-up, it can look completely finished. Because of this many of us consider the visagistes secrets, along with they’re utilizing inside shows associated with famous fashion houses.

Make-up associated with grey eye shadows various colors – it’s very all natural. The actual eye shadows are used matte or shine, but not vibrant, in outer component is coloured dark colors, lighter color – the particular eye lid and inner side. Eyebrows in these makeup emphasize along with hair sculpt eye shadows, it makes your own image even more all-natural. On the lip area – light tan lipstick.

Make-up without mascara with arrow employed modern cosmetic eyeliner or perhaps pencil, which usually – tend to be soft and easy to be able to tone together with clean with regard to shadows. The actual arrow will be colored along your higher lash model, which usually produces the preferred singing impact, just could it be important to pick a high quality pen: black or brown. Lips are focusing along with delicate lip gloss or maybe soft pink colored lip stick.

To be able to cause deprive arrow eye shadows along with applicator across the upper lash line. Might continue the line under low outer corner of one’s attention. Around the lips is scarlet lip stick. This particular striking picture clearly shows, which without mascara for the lashes can create a bright and attractive make-up.

A different type of the style cosmetics without mascara to emphasize together with lower internal eyelid and little difference with upper lashes progress and also on the eye lid utilized are usually brown shade. If in previous version the eyelashes isn’t stressed, in this growing eyelashes lines are quite clearly displayed. 

MAC Makeup Trends Spring Summer

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Newest fashion weeks in Ny, London, Milan, and Paris –MAC Makeup give us an insight into the new colour plus makeup trends from the backstage to the streets. The designers at the MAC perform more than 600 runway shows a year, making influential plus distinctive looks that motivate the rest of the sector.

An exercise in simplicity is the thing that best describes of MAC Spring/Summer 2013 makeup trend, using the emphasis shifting from hard outlines in order to fluidity. Because of this, smooth damp tones and cream colours dominate, enhancing gentleness as well as treat. Glowing complexions as well as well-balanced brows make up the bottom of the appear. This season, the structure and has of a encounter may be the pillar, and the unified geometry of a makeup, whether clean or strident, provides to enhance rather than force it’s functions.