Benefits of using Airbrush Makeup for Film and TV

November 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Make-Up

Airbrush Makeup for Film and TV

The film and TV industries have jumped on board with airbrush makeup. Why is this relatively new method of makeup so valued by makeup artists in film and TV? Sure, it creates a flawless complexion, but there are other reasons airbrush makeup is the go-to technique for film and TV. In this exciting blog post, Cosmix Inc. has provided the following reasons why airbrush makeup is so popular for TV and film shoots.

It stands up to high definition video and television. When high definition came out on the market, a single wrinkle would appear extremely enlarged. Unfortunately, conventional makeup doesn’t help the situation. It only makes it worse by settling into pores and wrinkles, making them appear even larger. However, airbrush makeup is no match for HD. It is applied in microdots, which read like pixels for high definition technology. It also reads as pixels for digital photography.

It endures long hours. A typical work day on a TV or film set can be anywhere from 12 to 18 hours or more. Traditional makeup doesn’t last that long, and must be constantly reapplied. However, airbrush makeup can last up to 18 hours or more.

It is flexible. Professional make up artist school teaches students to use different products depending on the age and skin type of the person. While traditional makeup must be changed and altered to accommodate each person, airbrush makeup looks wonderful on the young, the mature, and everyone in between. What’s more, airbrush makeup can be used on nearly every skin type.