Five Fashionable Women’s Fragrances

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A sensible lady needs an alluring fragrance that will give her a positive presence wherever she chooses to go. Here are five ladies’ fragrances that evoke a sense of elegance and charisma.

Dior J’adore

Dior’s J’adore comes in a creatively designed, eye-catching bottle and is meant to evoke the exotic scents of flowers and foliage from a far away land. It will add a touch of elegance and maturity to any lady’s demeanor.

Prada Candy Night

Prada’s Candy Night is inspired by the bold energy of the neon city at night. The candy in the name is quite literal, as this fragrance uses the scents of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and orange for a sweet, but smooth smell that will accompany you through the night.

Michael Kors Wonderlust

Michael Kors’ Wonderlust is built around the idea of “escape,” and its use of floral ingredients and almond milk will evoke feelings of going on a journey to a far land. The exotic summery smells of nature are decidedly feminine and light.

Dolce & Gabbana The One

There are both men’s and women’s variants of this fragrance, and the women’s version is more warm and alluring rather than strong and spicy. It uses oriental fruit, floral, and vanilla elements for another classy scent.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger provides a more affordable offering that is fresh and relaxing. The citrus and floral elements combine to form a clean scent that is pleasant without being too strong.

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