How to Properly Fill Eyebrows

July 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ artist,Blog,Make-Up

Creating perfectly shaped eyebrows requires more than just tweezing. In fact, many people need to fill the brows for a flawless finish. You might need to fill your brows if you have gaps in the eyebrows, light eyebrows, or eyebrows that are out of shape. Your eyebrow specialist can use either a pencil or powder to achieve the look you want. Can’t squeeze in a salon visit? Not a problem. You can still have perfect eyebrows with these tricks from our school for makeup artistry – Cosmix Inc.

Select the right color. Choosing the right color for filling for your eyebrows will make or break the final look. A good rule of thumb is to select a color that matches the color of your eyebrows. Whether you attend production, fashion, or special FX makeup school at Cosmix Inc., you will also learn how to create eyebrows for photo shoots. In this case, choose a slightly darker color than your natural color. A darker color will ensure that your light eyebrows don’t look washed out in the photograph.

Go for powder. Power is a great way to create natural-looking eyebrows. While you might want to use powder to fill in the gaps, it’s important to use it throughout your eyebrows for an even look. Use only a small amount of powder at a time to keep it light and natural. Start at the inner brow and touch up the entire brow.

Say yes to a pencil. Use an eyebrow pencil to achieve the look of a sharp line or a single hair. For perfect lines, sharpen the pencil and sanitize it first. Then begin at the base of the brows and create short strokes to fill in the gaps or create the arch you want.

How to Properly Fill Eyebrows