How to Shine as a Makeup Artist for TV

December 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Make-Up

Shine as a Makeup Artist for TV

Do you want to work as a makeup artist for television? Although it can be a fun and exciting career, becoming a professional makeup artist for TV programs is also very competitive. There are many men and women makeup artists who’re trying to make it in this field, which means you will need to learn how to set yourself apart from the rest. How? The professionals at Cosmix Inc., a leading makeup artistry school in Florida, offer the following tips on how to shine as a makeup artist for TV.

Master the Art of Airbrushing

Nearly every makeup artist who works in TV knows how to apply airbrush makeup. This is because airbrush makeup is probably the only type of makeup that stands up against high definition television. But what will set you apart from the competition is mastering this type of makeup technique. First, learn and master the basics. You can easily take a course at one of the top makeup artistry schools in your area. Then, practice until you feel completely confident in the skill. Mastering the art of airbrushing includes mastering how to use the tools as well as how to fix problems as they arise.

Be a Team Player

Creating a television show requires an entire team of professionals, from the director to the makeup artist. For this reason, a makeup artist in the TV industry must learn how to work well with others. Make sure that you’re easy going and able to work with a variety of personalities. It’s important to know how to communicate and get your work done fast without interfering with the rest of the team.