Eye Splashes 70 Pairs False Eye Lashes Bundle - 7 Styles

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Revamp your lashes to dramatize your look with this 70 piece false eyelash set.

Box includes:

10 – Full natural lashes

10 – Long full lashes with extended tips

10 – Extremely spiky lashes

10 – Extreme length criss cross flair lashes

10 – Dramatic thickness lashes

10 – Dense lashes with extended tips

10 – Long, full and voluminous lashes.

How to Use:

1. Remove one strip of lashes from the case at a time.

2. With your eyelash glue, line a bead of glue across the entire length of the lash strip.

3. Allow the adhesive to set for about 30-50 seconds until the glue is tacky and not completely wet.

4. Apply the lash strip to the base of your natural lash line, starting from the middle – making sure the false lashes is lined up in the center.

5. Working from the center outward to the outer corners, lightly press the false lashes to match your natural line.

Optional: You can apply mascara if desired.

To Remove: Use makeup remover.

  • Box of 70 Pairs of False Eyelashes, 7 Assorted Styles, 10 Pieces from Each Style
  • Eyelash designs vary from long and natural to thick and dramatic. Suitable for creating day or nightime looks
  • Apply These Eyelashes for a Natural Look and Feel
  • Eyelashes is reuseable if used and removed properly
  • Created from quality synthetic fibers
Eye Splashes 70 Pairs False Eye Lashes Bundle - 7 Styles

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