Makeup Artistry Training for Film and TV

February 16, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Make-Up

Makeup Artistry Training for Film and TV

Article Written by : Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Makeup artists have the choice to work in a variety of industries, ranging from fashion and beauty to bridal makeup. Other industries that rely heavily on makeup artists are the film and TV industries. If you want to become a makeup artist for film and TV, you will need special makeup training in these fields. Here’s a look at the makeup training courses for film and TV offered through Cosmix Inc.

Production Makeup Artistry

The Production Makeup Artistry program at Cosmix Inc. is geared toward students who want a well-rounded education every media, and film and TV is included. The program offers an introductory course in film and TV, which covers the basic techniques you will need to know to get a job in television or film.

Makeup for Film and TV

If you want to specialize in makeup for film and TV, we recommend taking the individual course called Makeup for Film and TV. This course, available at one of the leading schools for makeup artistry in the nation, is designed to provide in-depth training of the techniques for theater, film, and television, and includes character design, trauma injuries, avant-garde makeup, and applying prosthetic appliances.

Makeup Artistry Training for Film and TV