Tips on Becoming a Makeup Artist for TV

January 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Make-Up

tv Makeup Artist

Article Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design

Do you want to work as a makeup artist for television? Great news! The TV industry offers great career opportunities for makeup artists. With the right education, skills, and connections, you can land your dream job in TV. Of course you will also have to work hard. Whether you’re new to makeup artistry or have been working as a professional in a different field, follow these tips on how to become a successful makeup artist for TV.

Choose the right school. While there are many schools for makeup artistry, not all of them look good on your resume. Instead of getting you education at just any beauty school, consider a licensed and accredited school of makeup artistry. It’s also important to make sure the instructors are working professionals in the TV industry.

Enroll in the right program. In addition to a well-rounded education in makeup artistry, the right program will provide special training for artists who want to work in TV or Film. Find a program that teaches advanced training for film and TV, including injury simulation, bruises, character aging, and prosthetic appliances. You might even want to consider attending a special FX makeup school.

Participate in career development. Even if you have a great education from a leading school, you will still need to learn how to market yourself as a recent graduate. Find a school that offers employment assistance, portfolio classes, and ongoing career development. Continue taking courses in your field to stay abreast of the latest techniques.